Umbrella Strollers: What You Need to Know

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Umbrella Strollers: What You Need to Know

Baby products such as milk, toys, and strollers become more and more complex as the years pass. In earlier days, toys were simply made of wood, but now they’re rife with batteries and electronic equipment, which can be a good or bad thing. Baby strollers have also gained in technology and function. Now they have more complicated accessories making them more versatile.

When it comes to your baby’s first wheels, you should choose the safest and most durable stroller. One kind of baby stroller is the umbrella stroller, which is usually a fairly simple version of a stroller. Are you thinking of buying an umbrella stroller for your little angel? Here are few tips you should consider especially regarding your baby’s age for this product:

Why Umbrella Strollers Are Called Umbrella Strollers?

What makes umbrella strollers different from the typical baby stroller? Umbrella strollers have a simple design and are more lightweight compared to other kinds of strollers. It makes transporting babies or toddlers easier and more convenient without towing large, heavy equipment. They can be carried under the arm or over the shoulder of an adult. They are called umbrella strollers because the handles resemble the “J” shape similar to the handle of an umbrella.

Umbrella strollers are great for strolling in parks, wandering in malls, or transporting kids inside airports. They are very convenient and useful for carrying babies wherever you go. But are umbrella strollers safe to use by babies of all ages?

What Age Are Umbrella Strollers Suitable for?

Umbrella strollers are not suitable for newborn babies since there’s no support for the baby’s neck and back. This kind of stroller has a thin sheet of fabric and doesn’t have cushioning or molding. Therefore, they can’t be used by newborn babies. Newborn babies can’t hold their heads up yet and their heads can flop as the stroller moves.

Babies whose minimum age is 6 months old can use umbrella strollers. Babies of this age have developed neck and head muscles so they can support themselves without the help of any cushioning. However, some babies develop muscles later than this age. So parents should observe and closely monitor their baby’s development before putting them in an umbrella stroller.

Double Strollers – A Variety of Umbrella Strollers

One variety of umbrella strollers is the double stroller. Double strollers have two baby carriages that can accommodate two babies, but they still have the simplicity and lack of frills that a single umbrella stroller has. For some families, it is a necessity; for some, it’s more of a luxury.

At What Age Can Babies Use Double Strollers?

Families can consider buying double strollers if they have twin babies or babies with almost similar ages. Double strollers can accommodate babies of similar ages because they have the same size and design. Double strollers may come with footsteps for toddlers to stand upon and a canopy.

They may not be suitable for babies with huge age gaps, though because the weight would not be distributed evenly. This may make it more difficult to manage such a lightweight stroller. Instead of buying double strollers, parents may choose two single umbrella strollers for each child or let the older child walk alongside the parent.

What Are Other Factors to Consider When Choosing Baby Strollers?

Whatever kind of stroller you’re planning to buy, it is important to consider your baby’s safety and comfort. Here are some factors to consider to help you decide what kind of stroller to buy:

  • Your family size: If you have two babies of similar age, a double stroller might be a good idea.
  • Stroller Accessories You Need: Depending on the needs of your baby and your priorities, it is important to consider the accessories that come with the stroller. You might want your stroller to have a cover blanket, sunshade or cup holder, rain cover, or storage basket. You should also understand that the more accessories a stroller has, the more expensive it might be.
  • Your Lifestyle: If you frequently go out for a run with your baby, you might want to consider a jogging baby stroller with canopy. An umbrella stroller is best for running errands or traveling because they are convenient for transporting, lightweight and can be carried in one arm, but they wouldn’t be great for your morning jogs.

Umbrella strollers are great and useful. But you should keep in mind that they are only safe for babies who are 6 months old or for those who can hold their neck and heads up without any support.

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