How to Choose Travel System Stroller

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How to Choose Travel System Stroller

In the first few months after your new baby is born, many parents choose to use a stroller with a car seat as it’s convenient when you’re out and about with a car. The new-borns sleeps a lot in the day time, and they especially love to sleep in the moving vehicles as the lulling motion of the car is very comforting. Therefore it makes things a lot easier when you can just pick up the sleeping baby while they stay asleep in the car seat, and put it on your stroller frame, and there you go – no need to disturb your baby’s sleep or delay your planned schedule. However there is just one thing worth noting, even though your baby likes to sleep in the car seat, it’s not recommended to let them sleep in it for more than 2-3 hours at once, because being in a semi-upright position for a considerable length of time may place a strain on their still-developing spine. Take them out for a stretch every couple of hours if you are on a long journey.

Car seat and stroller compatibility
If you decided that you want to buy a travel system stroller (car seat with a stroller), the first step is to find out which one is the best to meet your needs. Then secondly, select your ideal stroller that is compatible with the car seat. The reason that choose your car seat first, is that this is the most important decision about your baby’s safety, and also personally I find it a lot easier and quicker to decide on the car seat.

My personal experiences
When I was pregnant with my first baby many years ago, we researched many different car seats and strollers, finally we decided to go with Maxi Cosi infant car seat and Quinny Buzz stroller. My overall experience was quite satisfactory. The car seat was really well made with good quality materials, and it came with loads of padded cushion and head support for new born baby. Very easy to click with the stroller. We used a Isofix car seat base with the car seat. This was very important to us as we travel in the car a lot, so it saves the hassle of using seat belt to fasten the car seat every time. Instead, the car seat just click into the base, and it’s very safe and sturdy. The stroller has big back wheels so it’s very easy to steer on any surfaces. The only complaint I had with this stroller was that it’s very bulky and heavy when folded, and I had to remove the back wheel in order to put it in my tiny car.

While I was searching for my car seat, I found this website which was quite informative –
There you’ll find so many different types of car seats with various features. Hope it’s useful to you too!

Find out more about all different types and brands of stroller, go here:

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