Getting Out Of The House With Your Baby – 10 Essential Summer Tips To Consider


Getting Out Of The House With Your Baby – 10 Essential Summer Tips To Consider

The summer is here, and it’s warming up everything. If you’ve had a baby recently, and you don’t want to get stuck in the house all summer, you don’t have to. Take your baby with you everywhere, and let them experience the warmth of the outdoors. Of course, there are some tips and tricks that you will need to consider, as the sun and heat can cause a baby to be quite uncomfortable. Whether you have a newborn or a toddler, you should take time to take on safety, and more when it comes to bringing them with you along vacations and more. The following tips can absolutely help you get moving forward with safety, and fun in mind these hotter months of the year.


The Proper Clothing

The first thing that you are going to want to consider is simple, do not take them out exposed. Look for summer clothing that is light, and accessories that help shield them from the UV rays and the sun that is quite bright. Think of hats, glasses, and other elements that can keep them from getting ravaged by the sun. The proper clothing can act as a shield from sunburn and more, so make sure that you think of covering them up in light options for summer. The classic “onesie” may not be the best choice here, but you will definitely find a lot of summer options if you shop around a little.

Sunscreen Is Mandatory

For a baby’s skin, the higher the SPF the better. Do not go low here, it has to be formulated for their sensitive skin. You will also need to apply it everywhere, and do so every 2 hours to be safe. Not only that, focus on waterproof options in case they sweat or you take them poolside and they enter the water a bit. Sunscreen is not an “option” it’s absolutely mandatory to keep their skin from burning. If a child gets sunburn, you’ll need to manage their irritation levels carefully, so don’t risk it, be adamant about using high SPF sunscreen and apply often.

Look For Shady Options

As you go out, make sure to consider any and all shade. Whether it’s a tree, an umbrella, or any other shade that you can see. Children are susceptible to heat exhaustion, so you want to make sure that you can cool things down a bit. Cold water bottles, fans, and shade will help you get out of the house and have them with you. Always consider the coolest options when outdoors or at facilities that have summer activities. When in doubt, seek out air conditioned areas and places that have large fans that you can get a bit cool in.

The Time of Day

One tip that many parents forget about is the time of day. The time of day of your excursion should not be at high noon, or it will be very difficult to deal with the heat. The lower afternoon hours are also tough as the heat from the sun can be at the very highest. Try to gauge temperature and time, so that you’re outside without dealing with extremes.

Never Put Your Guard Down While By Water

This is a tip that you should engrave into your memory forever. Never put your guard down, rest, or relax near open water. A child can drown fast, and even small children that have learned how to swim need to be watched. If you’re going to take your child near water, you need to hold them, or be with them at all steps. Do not let them be alone, do not take your eyes off of them, and don’t risk anything that would allow them to fall into open water. Children can drown in even the shallowest of waters, and unfortunately it happens a lot across the world. Even if you put flotation devices on them, keep a watchful eye as to what they are doing.

Watch The Greens

When going out, make sure that you are careful as to what your child brushes up against. You need to be careful with various plants that can give off irritation. Children today can end up with a serious rash, and blisters that cause a great deal of pain from touching poisonous plants. All it takes is a quick brush sometimes to get irritation. Plants such as poison ivy, oak, and sumac can be very difficult to deal with, and so a child’s skin should be protected. If they come in contact with issues, it’s important to wash their skin and use topical creams to help, and go to a pediatrician if rashes spread fast.

mother-and-daughter-traveling-by-airplaneFlights and Drives – Longer Trips

One of the many adventures you may think about going on in the summer is a road trip or perhaps flying out to see your family. This can become a serious issue for parents of young children. When in this option, make sure that you take precautions as to the travel arrangements. Here are some quick notes on each travel option:

Road Trips – for road trips, make sure that you pack food, drinks, and an ice cooler. You want to ensure that in long car rides, a child has something to eat, and drink. Be prepared to stop often, whether to change diapers, stretch, or for them to use the restroom. Do not skip it, and do not try to get them to “hold” it. Take ample breaks from the road, even if it takes longer to reach your destination.

The Flight Game – Flights can be tough on small children. When flying with them, make sure that they are entertained with video, audio, or coloring books. Also, try to book a seat that is near the facilities in case they need to use them. Always double check with your airlines for special considerations for boarding with children, and keeping them entertained, safe, and more. You’ll find that this can be a tough option, but if you plan ahead, you can easily make flights fun with a little forethought.

These tips above are just some of the things that you should consider when you are getting out of the house with your baby and small children. Common sense plays a role, so don’t overthink all of this.

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