Coping With Two Children – Tips To Survive With Two Children At Home


Coping With Two Children – Tips To Survive With Two Children At Home

Having children is a wonderful thing. People that have a child will tell you that it’s the most beautiful, heartwarming thing in the world. Watching them grow up is a delight, and you’ll find that it’s a like a miracle. However parents often find themselves dealing with a lot of issues up front, as it’s not as easy as some movies would have you believe. The realities of having children can be rough, and you may find that you’re going to be stressed out a lot. Having one child is tough. But what about two children? What if they were young? Having two little bundles of joy could very well test your will and spirit, as well as cause you to have zero sleep for many days back to back.
If you’re looking to survive the early years of having two or three children, or even more, the following survival guide is for you. This is going to help you get moving forward with relative ease. It may not be 100% easy, but it could definitely help you gain a little relief overall.

Ask For Help (Don’t Be Scared)
A lot of parents are afraid to ask for help. Whether it’s for baby sitting or it’s a meal prep, for some reason many parents want to do it all on their own. They are stretched thin, and will often times not accept a helping hand, or even ask. There’s no shame in asking, and truth be told, a lot of friends and family are there to give you a leg up on whatever it is you’re dealing with. Whether it’s a little bit of cleaning, cooking, or just getting out of the house without having to bring two kids around. Whatever it is that you’re going through, ask for help, you’re going to need it, and there are a lot of people that are more than willing to help you.
Childcare Exploration Begins Early
Don’t wait for the last minute to look into childcare. Many parents don’t even have a conversation about this until it’s too late. Once the children are at school level age, it’s going to be easier for them to be somewhere throughout your day. However, when it’s early in their lives, you’re going to need help if you’re planning on working. Working parents pay a bundle in daycare costs, and there are limited resources. Since that is in fact the case, you’re going to need to think about this early on, and find resources that are going to help you for a low cost, or at least put in an application early enough to get a spot at the more popular locations. Childcare shouldn’t be an afterthought, plan early.

Make Checklists To Help With Chores
Having two children can turn into chaos fast. However, you can make things a bit easier by having checklists written out of what you want to do in a day, and then slowly check them off as you go. When they are napping, do some simple tasks, do simple tasks as often as possible, compartmentalizing things to slowly build a larger goal. You will be surprised how you can keep up with chores, and organizational things if you just slowly move forward with baby steps, as it were. You don’t need to dedicate hours of your time to each element, just a few seconds or minutes picking up, wiping down, and cleaning a few things can make a huge difference. Start with the simplest of tasks, check them off your list, and don’t beat yourself up if you can’t get to all of them.

Prepare For Diaper Changing on The Fly
As your child grows up, they are no doubt going to start walking, running, and moving a lot. That means running around the house with a dirty diaper, and having a hard time getting them to sit still to change them. You’re going to have to work at potty training early, then change diapers on the go, so make sure that you learn how to do this fast, and become an expert when they are moving around a bit. You should have diapers in various locales of the home, not just one area, and just be on alert when you may need to be called in to help them out.

Use Sound Wisely
Many parents blog about how to keep two children asleep through the night. One of the methods that gets shared a lot is that of noise. You want to create ambient noise, so that one child doesn’t wake the other, and you have two crying babies or children to deal with. The best thing to do if they are sharing a room is to add an ambient noise machine or a fan to the room. This doesn’t have to be extremely loud, just loud enough to keep them from waking each other up, assuming they are sharing a room. If they are in separate rooms, the same idea goes into play, but with a few adjustments for their comfort overall.

Tire Them Out
As your children grow, they are going to have a lot of energy to expel, and you may have a hard time keeping up. To offset this, find games, and toys that they can play with, and tire them out. Let them play, run, jump, and get moving forward until they are tired. You’ll find that this can allow for more sleep time, and a bit of freedom for yourself moving forward.

Calling In Professionals
When all else fails, and you’re dealing with a lot on your plate, call in a nanny. A professional can help you manage your time a bit, take care of your children, and be a part of alleviating the issues that come with parenting. This is not the “end all” cure, but it can definitely relieve some of the proverbial growing pains that come with raising two children, especially when they are very young.
At the end of the day, these tips can help you with surviving two children growing up in one home. Just remember, there’s help out there, so don’t feel as though you’re alone in this. Always seek help, there’s a lot of people that are willing to give you a hand.

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