Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller Review

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Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller Review

Finding the right tandem or double stroller is easier said than done. There are a lot of aspects you need to look into, such as comfort, safety, and overall sturdiness. You probably also have a list of what you require in a stroller, and you don’t want to have to settle for anything less.

You’ll likely want something that can be used in many different ways, has lots of storage, and can be used for children that are different ages.

A product that meets each of these requirements is the Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller. It’s able to be utilized in seven different configurations, which is rather unique. This is because it comes with two seats for older babies, but you can also use car seats or infant seats in this stroller. One thing I really love about this stroller, is that the two seats can be placed facing each other like this: Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller (face to face)

This way, the children can entertain each other and keep each other company, without the possibility of them fighting or pinching each other like what they would be able to do in a side-by-side double stroller!

The device comes with one car seat adapter, but you can purchase an additional one if you need to. The car seats can be placed forward or rear facing, so everyone will be as safe as possible when they are riding in this stroller.

The seventh way it can be utilized is with one seat and a space for all of your bags or groceries. This means you don’t have to have two children to be able to use this stroller.

It has many exciting features such as mesh windows in the canopies, five point harnesses, headrests on each seat, high seat backs, and wheels that absorb shock. This provides a smooth ride most of the time and allows you to push it over different types of ground, like flat surfaces and sidewalks. There’s also lots of storage underneath and it folds up easily, so you can put it away.


  • Works in seven different configurations.
  • Mesh windows on canopies.
  • Shock absorbing tires.
  • Five-point safety harness.
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable foot bar.
  • High seat backs.
  • Folds up easily.


  • Smooth ride.
  • Seats can recline.
  • Large storage area with a zipper.
  • Comes with a car seat adapter.
  • Pocket in each seat.


  • Doesn’t perform well on bumpy sidewalks.
  • Heavy for some users.


This stroller is a great buy for those that have one kid already and are expecting another or those that have two kids that are small. There’s a lot going on with this stroller, and it can be utilized in many different ways. It also has special features that make it exciting, and it comes in a few different colors, in case you’re particular about that sort of thing.

Besides that, there are safety features like harnesses and special tires, so your children are always protected.


This isn’t the only double stroller on the market. There are actually a number of strollers to choose from, if you need something for two children. Many have similar features, but they may not all be able to perform the same way. Some of the top double strollers or tandem strollers are the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Tandem and the Delta Children City Street Side by Side.


Each of these strollers is for two children to ride in safely and effectively, but they each have different layouts and features. The Contours Options model is a tandem style stroller that is perfect for children of many different ages or sizes. This is because it can be changed to accommodate your child, and in most cases, your child’s car seat as well.

It also has a zippered storage compartment, so you won’t lose anything along the way, and wheels that swivel and are designed to absorb shock. This makes driving easier and more uniform. It also folds up nicely, so it can fit into the back of your car.

The Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Tandem is also a tandem style double stroller. Tandem simply means that one seat is situated in front of the other. This one is great for a young child and an older child because there is room to sit or stand in the back as well as a seat up front.

However, you can add a second seat in the back for an infant or small child using a car seat, so it’s good for families with children, whether they are similar ages or not.

The main difference is that the child that’s sitting or standing in the back is not protected from the sun, and has not additional safety features protecting them, so you’ll have to be more careful when pushing it.

Besides that, it may become improperly weighted and lean or fall over if there’s only a child in the front and nothing else.

The Delta Children City Street Stroller is a side by side stroller, which is designed to be convenient and lightweight. That means it isn’t made of materials that are as sturdy as other models, but it does still meet safety requirements. For instance, it still has harnesses on both seats and wheels that swivel all the way around, so it’s great at steering.

The downside is that it doesn’t have seats that are padded or recline, so it isn’t great for all purposes. It does travel well and doesn’t take up much space however, so it is convenient for light day to day use.

Overall, the Contours Options model has so much versatility that it’s worth trying if you’re interested. There are so many ways to set it up, including using your car seat that you already trust, and there’s a special storage bin underneath. The wheels are also able to swivel well and won’t cause you to run off the road and harm your kids.

Some people thought that the stroller was too heavy, which can be a real concern if you need to juggle this product and kids, while putting everything in the car.

However, it must be heavy enough to have all the safety features you want and still be able to protect your precious cargo.

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