Baby Strollers Reviews


Baby Strollers Reviews

When you’re having a baby, you know one of the things you’ll need is a stroller. You may come to count on it for a number of different reasons, so it’s a good idea to do plenty of research to see what’s out there.

The best strollers have many features and are also able to be used for several years. Make sure you do your due diligence and choose one that you can trust for many years to come.

Here are some of the top rated baby strollers on the market.

Graco LiteRider Click Connect Stroller

This stroller is lightweight, so it won’t break your back when you need to transport it from place to place. It has a padded seat that reclines and holds up well over time. It can also fold up with one hand, and is compatible with car seats from Graco as well.


  • Lightweight
  • Extra padding on the seat.
  • Seat reclines.
  • Can be used for a long time.
  • Folds up with one hand.


  • Not good for younger babies.

You probably don’t want to put your newborn in this one, but you can put older babies in there and know they will be safe. It can hold up to 40 pounds, so you can use it for a while as your child grows.

Summer Infant Lite Convenience Stroller

This stylish stroller has an aluminum frame and a canopy as well as a sun screen to ensure that your child is fully protected from the sun. It also has anti-shock wheels and back wheels that you can lock so that it stays put. It is available in nine different colors, such as black, blue, yellow, and pink.


  • Has aluminum frame.
  • Has canopy and sun screen.
  • Large storage area.
  • Anti-shock front wheels.
  • Back wheels can lock.
  • Available in different colors.


  • Have to use two hands to push.

You have to have two hands to push this one, mostly due to the fact that it has two handles and not a bar to push. However, it isn’t hard to get going and performs well.

UPPAbaby g-Lite Stroller

This stroller is designed to keep your baby comfortable. The inside fabric is padded and can be removed in case of a spill or accident, so it can always be clean. The stroller stands up when it is folded, so it won’t fall over when you aren’t using it. The back is mesh so it is properly ventilated, meaning your child won’t suffer from heat exhaustion.


  • Fabric can be removed to clean.
  • Stands up when folded.
  • Strong aluminum frame.
  • Carrying strap.
  • Mesh back for ventilation.
  • Great for parents of all heights.


  • Not good in cold weather.

Since this stroller has a mesh back, it may not be great to use in the winter months. However, if your baby is bundled up properly, it may not be a problem, so don’t write this one off if you live in a place with cold weather.

Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller

This stroller is made to be used on different terrains. It is only around 11 pounds so it’s lightweight enough to take wherever you need to go. It has a five-point harness and a seat that can recline into different positions. It also has a storage basket underneath, so you can store a diaper bag or anything else that’s essential.


  • Can use on different terrains.
  • Lightweight
  • Good for traveling.
  • Five-point harness.
  • Multi-position seat.
  • Storage basket underneath.


  • May not be comfortable to walk behind.

Many people purchase this stroller to travel with since it is so lightweight and easy to transport. However, some users say it’s awkward to walk behind and to maintain your regular pace. This may be the case if you are tall or you have long legs, although it should work fine for most people.


There are many baby strollers on the market that are great for different reasons. If you want the stroller that you’ll be able to use the longest, it’s the . Many people report they have been using this stroller for years over the course of two to three kids.

That means it is made well and won’t wear out easily. It also has a seat that is adequately padded and can recline, so your child can always ride comfortably.

If you’re looking for the stroller that’s the best for trips, it’s the Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller. The product comes in orange or black, and either one is perfect for a baby boy or girl. It’s lightweight, has a sturdy aluminum frame, and has a shoulder strap for when you’re carrying it. Besides that, it has storage underneath and can handle different types of terrain.

The UPPAbaby g-Lite Stroller is great if you worry about your child getting hot. It has a mesh seat that allows for air flow, and you can remove the fabric to wash it. It works well, no matter what height you are, and it stands up when it’s folded.

There is also a cup holder and you can purchase other accessories, such as a rain shield, directly from the manufacturer.

The Summer Infant Lite Convenience Stroller is available in most colors. You can find the one you like the best to suit your preferences. This stroller has a canopy, as well as a sun shade to protect your baby from the harmful rays of the sun.

It also has a large storage compartment and anti-shock wheels, so you don’t have to worry about jarring the baby around too much, even on tough terrains. The back wheels also lock, so your stroller won’t roll away from you when it is standing idle.

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