Baby Pram Strollers


Baby Pram Strollers

Prams are, in essence, just a different type of stroller. They have been around since the 1800s and generally look fancier than standard strollers. They are often used for young babies, and are designed to sit up high off of the ground, rather than close to it. Additionally, they are sometimes used with a bassinet, and often have a large canopy to protect your baby from the elements.

A bassinet is simply a carrier for a child that may be used for the first few weeks of their lives. There are different types available for purchase and they are often very sturdy and beautifully crafted products. Here are some of the top selling prams that you may want to look into.

Roan Kortina Classic Pram

This pram comes with everything you need to get your baby started including the chassis, a bassinet, a mattress and covers. It has four wheels and storage underneath, so you can put whatever you need within arm’s reach.

This one can be used for children up to three years old because it has adjustable seats to accommodate children of different sizes. Furthermore, it can be used on different types of terrains, so the ride is always smooth.


  • Includes bassinet, mattress and cover.
  • Has adjustable hood.
  • Can use on different terrains.
  • Can use from newborn to three years.
  • Adjustable seats .
  • Storage at the bottom.


  • Instruction manual don’t help.
  • May squeak a little at times.

Putting this one together may be hard because the instructions aren’t great. You may also experience squeaking with the wheels. Do what you can to make sure they are lubricated, which can help with the squeaking.

Otherwise, the squeaking doesn’t take away from the fact that this pram gets the job done, and looks great doing it.

Roan Rocco Classic Pram

This pram comes in six different colors including brown, blue, green, and red. That means you can find one you really like, and fits your personality. However, the truth is that each of them is attractive to look at and comes with black accents and wheels.

This one also comes with a bassinet for the tiniest of babies, as well as a rain cover and mosquito net. This means that your child will be protected from a number of different things, which can really help. This pram promises a smooth ride and folds up nicely to store when you aren’t intending to use it.


  • Comes with rain cover and net.
  • Five-point harness.
  • Folds up to store easily.
  • Smooth ride.
  • Wheels stay inflated.
  • Adjustable seat.


  • Wheels don’t turn as smoothly as you would expect.

Some users had a problem with the wheels not turning well when using this pram. This may be due to where they were trying to use it.

This pram isn’t really designed to fit into small areas or tight spots, so stick to places where you have a lot of room to move it around, since it has four sturdy wheels.

UPPAbaby Vista Stroller

This one is a stroller than can also be used as a pram. This is because it comes with a bassinet and a seat for a toddler that can be placed front or rear facing. It has a strong body that is made of aluminum, so it is reliable and will last for a long time.

You can adjust the handle and can fold it up with one hand. It also stands up on its own when folded. Besides that, the toddler seat is padded and reclines, so no matter how old your baby is, they will feel comfortable in this stroller.


  • Strong aluminum body.
  • Large storage area.
  • One step to easily fold it.
  • Seat can recline.
  • Can purchase accessories.
  • Comes with a bassinet.
  • Large sun shade.
  • Can adjust the handle.
  • Stands up when folded.


  • No cup holders.

This stroller doesn’t come with any cup holders, but it does come with a large storage area for the things you need. It will also be able to accommodate some infant car seats that are made by the manufacturer, if you are someone that has other UPPAbaby products.


Prams are used just like strollers, so you don’t have to worry about there being a huge difference between the two. The best pram on this list is the UPPAbaby Vista Stroller because it is a stroller as well as a pram.

This is because it has a bassinet you can use; you can utilize a car seat from the same brand, or place your child in the toddler seat, which can face two different ways, depending on what is comfortable and safer for your child. It is also easy to adjust and fold up, and all the seats are comfortable for your little one.

You can also buy other accessories that allow for more than one child to use this pram.

Another great one is the Roan Rocco Classic Pram. Not only does it look great, but it works great too. Even though it may not be as maneuverable as other models, it does come with accessories that can protect your child from bugs, rain, and more.

Besides that, it comes in different colors, and has heavy-duty wheels that are durable. The best part is that it folds up flat for storage, and it isn’t hard to fold up either.

The Roan Kortina Classic Pram is the best option if you want a classic pram look. It has metal accents that are not painted, so they are classic silver in color. It also has a large basket on the bottom for storage and comes with a bassinet for young babies.

You can still use it as your child grows, since the seat is adjustable. The wheels will stay inflated because of their design and you can always have a smooth ride as well. The wheels don’t swivel, so it isn’t harder to turn, so give yourself plenty of room when using this pram.

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