10 Absolute Essential Items For New Parents To Have


10 Absolute Essential Items For New Parents To Have

The day arrives, you’ve been planning somewhat for months, but the day finally comes when you bring your baby home and you’re ready to go on a huge quest. Raising children is a great thing, but it comes with a variety of issues that you will no doubt find yourself lost in. If you are going to be building towards the future, you’re going to want to have a few items in the house to help you along the way. The following will shine light on 10 absolutely essential items that you should have as a new parent. Whether it’s coming soon or you’ve just came home with your baby, here are the things you should have.

Travel System Based Stroller

The first thing that you should get is simple, a stroller that is known as a travel system solution. This is an option that is going to allow you to put together a baby carrier, rocker, and stroller all in one. It’s a simple option that helps you travel with your baby, and do so with relative ease. If your baby falls asleep, you can move them from car to stroller or simply carry them into the home without disrupting them. This is a glorious option, and versatile to boot.

A Second Stroller

This may sound like something that is a bit much, but it’s going to pay off. The travel option is great, but you may not want to lug around such a massive item if you’re just walking around town, or you’re going to an amusement park. Have a collapsible, easy to travel with, simple solution. Have a collapsible second stroller will let you be mobile, and if need be, you can collapse this and carry it through. It’s going to pay off dividends.

A Baby Swing Entertainment Option

Baby swings are simple. They let your baby swing while you’re doing your chores, or simply gives you break. Get a rocker that has a lot more than just the simple swinging option. Focus on something that has a little bit more tech involved, like an MP3 player, and more. Higher tech swings will give your child a little entertainment and sound to go with the swinging element.

A Stylish Baby Bag

It’s a baby bag, right? No. It becomes your purse, and more, so why not go with something that speaks to your individual style. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to purchase a designer solution, but rather look for something that speaks to your individual taste. Get a diaper bag that is going to look like a purse when you carry it around, and you’re going to see that it becomes great as you move forward through any area you venture off to.

A Comfortable Back Supported Carrier

You’ll want to buy a carrier. However, don’t just buy any old solution, look for one that has a bit of back support or distributes the weight across your body. It’s easy to use one of these, but when you are carrying around your baby all day, your back and shoulders will hurt a great deal. Instead of skimping here, pay a little more for an option that will help distribute weight evenly, it will pay off.

Breastfeeding Cover and Pillow

You may be out and your baby needs food, and you don’t have bottles. What do you do? Many places won’t mind if you breastfeed in public, but if you aren’t in one of those areas, this comes in handy. A compact pillow and cover will help you breastfeed in public without anyone being the wiser. This will save you embarrassment, or second guessing when it’s time to breastfeed your child.

A Higher End Breast Pump

This is very important overall. You will need to get a breast pump to get excess milk into bottles and for convenience. The thing is, you don’t want to just purchase any old solution. Go for a higher end option, as it will give you more reliability, easier to manage settings, and comfort. Don’t skimp on this. It’s tempting to go with any old option, but you will find that the daily use solutions that are a bit more expensive, will have comfort in mind, and that can help when you’re sore.

A Traveling High Chair

One of the coolest things that you will want to pick up is a traveling high chair. This will help you out a great deal at restaurants, and anywhere you may go. These are made to attach to table tops with ease. You adjust them a little and they let you put your baby at any table you venture to, without having to get an additional high chair or anything like that. This will pay off dividends, as it will make eating out a bit easier, and even going to friends and family’s houses.

Lots of Burp Cloths

Going to something basic, you will want to invest in a lot of burping cloths. This is going to help you clean up, and keep your baby clean when dribbling. You cannot have too many of these. Get reusable options that are soft, easy to maintain, and get a lot of them. It’ll pay off, even it seems so rudimentary, but it is worthwhile.

Knit Pants

And here it is, the last absolute essential you want to have for your baby. If you don’t want to have your baby in footy pajamas and onesies nonstop, you don’t have to. You can have versatility with knit pants, that easily come off. They are small, easy to roll up and stow away, and can be an auxiliary clothing choice for the onesie. These are just amazing to have around, and will give you a little extra for warmth when out and about.

The above essential items are just a few things to consider. There are so many things that can seem essential, but in the end, common sense will rise through the options. Just take your time, make a checklist and see what you have and what you don’t have. You’ll be surprised how a little planning can turn into great things down the line.


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